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5dmkiii Confused about AI Servo


Ok, AI Servo mode...selecting a center 5 or 8pt cross type focus on my moving subject. lock focus, why don't the points track the subject outside the middle of the view finder? another words...In all the tutorials I have watched(simulated I think) It shows the the focus points tracking your moving subject all around the view finder.

In the manual it states to manually select a focus point in 61 pt focus mode? If you go to 61 pt focus mode you can then toggle to individual focus points but once again you never see tracking leave that area.. What am I missing folks?






I don't know if I totally understand your question but in AI servo the focus tracking does change and in regular it does not.?.


EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


Hi Waytoomuch!


Thanks for posting.


If you are using AF point expansion or selecting a zone in the center, the AF point will not track outside of that expansion area or zone.  To have the AF point track all over the viewfinder area, you need to set the AF Area Selection Mode to [61-point Automatic Selection AF], then set the starting AF point.  To do this:

  1. Press the <AF Point Selection> button.
  2. Press the <M.Fn.> button until [61-point Automatic Selection AF] is selected.
  3. Use the <Multi-Controller> to select the starting AF point.

If you switch the AF Area Selection Mode to [Single-Point AF] and select a point, it will only track on that point.  You must set the AF Area Selection Mode to [61-point Automatic Selection AF], then use the <Multi-Controller> to set the starting point to accomplish what you are trying to do.


Also, keep in mind that focus must be achieved at the manually selected starting point before it will track elsewhere.


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Thank you so much. Nowhere is that spelled out as the way you just explained it. I will now try this tomorrow night during the game!

The info on this publication seems pretty good. Has lots of examples rather than just settings. I'm thinking about this camera and realize that there is somewhat of a learning curve; an intimidating curve if us too!

so, I still can not select a starting point in 61 automatic selection AF. in all other modes i CAN SELECT ZONE aF AND POINT af BUT IN 61 POINT AS SOON AS YOU SELECT THAT POINT THE OTHER BOXES NEVER FOLLOW MY SUBJECT! I even called canon and the dude could not help or did not know how? If you do i would be more then happy to talk to you if you wouldn't mind?
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