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5d Mark IV Overexposure


I have two 5d Mark IVs and recently both of them have been over exposing images while shooting in Live Mode and through the View Finder. I'm shooting in manual mode and the settings stay exactly the same. I recently introduced the Profoto B10x lights and have used the Profoto remote in my hot shoe with both cameras, but this issue happens even when I'm not using the lights/remote. Has anyone else had this issue happening or have any idea how to troubleshoot?

I have also updated firmware and wiped all camera settings - the overexposing is still happening to both cameras. 


Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 10.02.07 PM.pngIMG_0103.jpgIMG_0104.jpg


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings, Valweihaas

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing an exposure issue with your two EOS 5D Mark IV camera bodies. The second out of the two photos does appear to look brighter than the first. Per the EXIF data you've posted, we show that the aperture and shutter speed appear to be the same between the two shots. Let's check to see if the ISO has changed in case the camera was set to Auto ISO.

If the camera is in the continuous shooting mode, then let's test to see if this issue occurs when setting the camera to single shot.

Thank you for the help! Both images above were taken at 100 ISO and the cameras are never set to Auto ISO. It also seems to happen during continuous shooting mode and single shot mode. It happens very often, but it's still sporadic and doesn't seem to have a pattern of images that are over exposed.


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What happens if you try Av mode or P mode? Same problem?

Does it happen with all lenses or just that one?

What if you try a smaller f/stop (to see if the aperture blades are maybe sticking ).

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Lens? I would also wonder if you are using the exact same lens on each camera? You do need to try different things to determine exactly where the issue is. The idea of two 5D Mk IV cameras going south at the same exact time with the same problem is pretty tiny.

Is you two samples from the same camera? You file numbers are consecutive and that seems odd for two different cameras. I would check your Profoto B10x lights to make sure they are firing exactly the same every time.

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