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5D MKII mirror not fully retracting?


Just checking to see if there is an easy fix for this.  My best guess is the mirror is not fully retracting.  It only makes half of the familiar shutter sound. Photos and video end up like the "straight from camera" samples below.  There is no obstruction in the viewfinder.  The lens / autofocus all work fine (EF 24-105). With the lens off, the mirror mechanism seems to be fine, moves up and down, no visible broken hinges.




Looks more like a broken shutter to me.

Take the lens off, put the camera into manual mode with a shutter speed of about 1 second, look into the camera through the lens mount and fire the shutter. You should see all of the sensor exposed once the mirror lifts up and the shutter opens.

Thank for the suggestion.  Here is what happens... mirror not moving at all.  I think i can see the shutter opening underneath (1 sec)

I should have clarified in original post "with the lens off the mirror moves ok in its swivel if manually pushed up"

Oh dear, nothing much you can do with that, it needs a visit to the camera doctor. Be prepared for a hefty bill.

If it were me.  


eBay it for parts...


She'll be 13 yrs next March.


If you're like me and:


-Cancelled your vacation this year

-Haven't been out for any nice dinners

-Aren't commuting everyday for work 

-Haven't had to buy any suits or shoes....


Its time for a shiny new camera.  


You deserve it, treat yourself.


I bought this:


mojo HD5.jpg


Because the R5 was not a the camera I was hoping it would be.

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Nice bike Rick.


Agree - we all need to treat ourselves to some sort of COVID relief package. This year so far has been a real bummer.

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@jrhoffman75 wrote:

Nice bike Rick.


Agree - we all need to treat ourselves to some sort of COVID relief package. This year so far has been a real bummer.

If 2021 sucks as bad as 2020 has, I'm going to want my money back! Robot Frustrated

Ok i think we can all agree that we love Rick's new bike.  As for camera I'm pretty sure the motor that flips up the mirror has burned out.  The part is $22 and available so hopefully my local shop will do it for something reasonable. Yes its an old a camera and otherwise works perfect so its not going in the trash just yet. Regardless I think I see a Black Magic Pocket Cinema in my future....!

Nice bike Rick!


Are you going to put a gopro cam on the front to document your "hold my beer and watch this" adventures???  🙂


My father was a child of the great depression so I also grew up with an aversion to throwing repairable items away.  But if you have to rely upon a camera shop to do the work, it doesn't take much for an older camera to be far too expensive to repair.  I learned at an early age from my father how to repair and calibrate precision meter movements (some of that work has to be done under a microscope given the tiny jewel bearings and extremely fine wire and support springs) and from that I am still pretty comfortable doing involved repairs on my gear when needed.



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