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Seeking feedback on the Canon EF 70-200 L F4 Mk II

I am considering this lens but would be interested in the experience of anyone who has used one so far as to its performance - strengths and weaknesses - including anyone using it with the teleconverter MkIII x 2 or x 1.4.

Tronhard by Respected Contributor
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Canon lens

Hey all, I have a canon EOS 1300D. So far I have just been using the 18-55mm kit lens. I am now in the market for a new lens. I am looking at doing quite a lot of wildlife photography and was wondering if you guys could point me in the direction of a...

Canon 24-70 F/4 Macro feature quick q

Quick question for those of you with the 24-70 F/4. Tried searching but couldn't get a concrete answer. The macro feature of this lens is activated by turning it past the 70mm length... can it be used throughout the focal range or is it only at 70mm?...

Convert EF-S lens on an APS-C Camera (60D)?

Do you have to convert an EF-S lens on a cropped sensor camera (60D)? I have searched the forum and not gotten a very clear answer. I am looking at 2 lenses: EF 28mm f/1.8 USM and EF-S 24mm f2.8 STM At first glance they look very similar: only 4mm di...

Justin by Frequent Contributor
  • 22 replies

Resolved! Macro Advice Needed

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and a reall rookie whenn it comes to photography. I have a Canon EOS700D which I thinkmis called a Rebel T5i in other parts of the world. With the camera I use the follow lenses: EFS - 18-55mmEFS - 55-250mmEF - ...

erskine by Occasional Contributor
  • 25 replies

Walking Around Lens for a Rebel T6

We recently purchased a Rebel T6 kit that came with two lenses, 18-55 and 70-300.  While on vacation this last week, I found that I would like another lens to complement them as more of a walking around lens.  The Rebel is APS-C so a FF would work, b...

AllenP by Occasional Contributor
  • 5 replies

Spare Part - Image Stabilizer for Canon 70-300mm

Dear friends, I had an accidente and I have to replace the "image stabilizer" for my Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens.  Unfortunately, I could not get the spare in my country, also the lens is out of warranty.  So, I hope to find the spare by my...

amunoztico by Occasional Contributor
  • 4 replies

Resolved! EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM: Manual Focus override

In AF mode, the manual focus override is not working. Every review of this lens that I have read states that this lens should have instant manual focus override when is AF mode. Turning the manual focus ring in AF mode does nothing even when the shut...

Scaup by New Contributor
  • 3 replies

Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM Focusing Issues

I've had my 50mm for about a year now and I absolutely love it. However, I noticed that there are instances where I don'tuse it for a while and it starts to "stick." By that I mean, when shooting with either my 80D or M50, it doesn't alwaysfocus on w...

Beginner Lense upgrade options

Hello, I have the Canon dslr Rebel T5. Right now it just has the stock lense on it, but i would like to get something a bit better. I dont know much about lenses or the camera itself but i'm curious about recommendations. I really enjoy taking macro ...

Canon 100-400 II Focus Ring Question

Just wondering if any owners of this particular lens notice a little bit of play / looseness of the focus ring.By that I mean are you able to move the ring up and down, side to side a little bit not while actually turning the ring for manual focusing...

Canonowner by Occasional Contributor
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18-55mm Lens don't autofocus between 20-40mm

Good afternoon, I have a Canon 18-55mm Lens and it just started to fail the autofocus system between +/- 20 to 40mm... It doesn't make any sound (it even try to focus, don't move), simply show the 9 focus point blinking in red! If I put it at minimum...

Resolved! Turn lens IS off when shooting at high frames per second?

If I am shooting my EOS 7D2 at 10 fps in AI Servo, using (for example) Single Point Expansion and AF Case 6, with Tv at 1/1250th,  should I turn off the IS feature on my 300mm f/4L IS lens?  Why or why not? If the camera is tracking a subject and sho...

Zoom Lens Above the usual

I'm a casual/weekend photographer and have a Canon T3 Rebel camera.  I currently own the following lenses:  1)  Canon EF 80-200  1:4.5-5.6 II2)  Canon EF 75-300  1:4-5.6 III3)  Canon EFS 18-55  1:3.5-5.6 IS II4)  Canon EF 35-80  1:4-5.6 III I enjoy t...

Skippy2525 by Occasional Contributor
  • 18 replies