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Shipping dates RF 200-800


I pre ordered my RF 200-800 in November and was told I was # 214 on the list. I have heard of other people already receiving theirs when the placed orders thru camera stores after I did. When do they expect to ship these? I can't imagine that under 215 lenses were manufactured.



I ordered in mid-November and just talked to support (what a pain in the butt to get through).     She said that I was fairly high up on the list and probably would be in the next block shipped out.

The allocations to Canon USA and to the retailers are independent.   Canon really can't give preference to their own shop as it's kind of a conflict of interest.   I should have payboo'd it with BHPhoto.   The customer support is much better and I save on the sales tax.


I ordered from B&H and still waiting also.  No reply from them other than it is backordered and will ship as soon as they get it.