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R5 w/ RF24-70 f2.8 has IBIS wobble @ 24mm?



I have read that the rf15-35mm has ibis wobble when zoomed out. I don't have that lens, but I got the RF24-70 and it seems it also suffers from ibis wobble at 24mm. Is this normal?




I have noticed that the EOS R5 IBIS sometimes seems to forget the focal length when the camera goes to sleep and then wakes up. Turning the camera off and back on again seems to me to fix this. IBIS with the wrong focal length causes unexpected blur in parts of the image.

The focal length is still correct in the Exif metadata, so it is only the IBIS subsystem that is failing to reinitialize some data on wake up. I hope this might be fixed in a future firmware update, but it is not a problem for me if I remember to turn the camera off and back on again when it has been sleeping.




This has been well documented on YouTube.  It was another selling point that pushed me to the R5C without reservation.  People were slamming the R5C when Canon omitted ibis, but after a closer look, I realized I wasn't going to miss it.  Ibis is good in many cases, but its not perfect.

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The R5C is very tempting! I wish I could trade in and pay the difference, but that's not happening anytime soon. Also, the animal eye AF is really lovely on the R5 for wildlife videography. 

I have also found a few workarounds for the IBIS that I've posted here:


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