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RF 100 Macro Causes Camera Shaking


The whole camera starts shaking for a very long time sometimes when using the RF 100 Macro.  No other lens does this.  I have to turn it of to get it to stop.  Sometimes switching to manual mode will get it to stop, sometimes not.  The body is an EOS R.  I am assuming it is the autofocus motor somehow being goofy.  I am relatively new to the platform and haven't had to troubleshoot any technical issue before.  Any ideas? 



Make surer the camera and lens have the latest firmware.  If the issue persists contact Canon Support.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Yeah, the camera is up to date and the Canon site says the lens has no software available to download no matter what options I choose.  I guess I get to contact Canon.  I really hope customer service exists in their realm of the universe. 




I'm sorry to read that you're having problems with your RF 100mm macro and I hope by now you have contacted Canon's customer service. I received my RF macro about 3 weeks ago and have been using it on my R5 (with no problems whatsoever--love the lens) but after reading your post I tried it on my R. Again, no problems whatsoever. The couple of times I've had to contact Canon, they have always been knowledgeable and helpful, and when I've had to send in my gear, they've fixed it and gotten it back to me promptly.