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Just got my RF 200-800mm today!! Quick thoughts from Sigma 150-600C user.


Very initial thoughts - since I didn't have much time to test it out before heading to work...

I have been using the Sigma 150-600mm C for a few years now and the focusing on the 200-800mm is so fast. On the Sigma, you can hear/feel the motors moving the elements around as you focus. On the 200-800mm it's just instantaneous and quiet! Very impressive.

Adjusting focal length from 200 to 800mm was a common complaint in Youtube reviews. I didn't find it too difficult. I can get it all the way from 200 to 800 in a single motion, but most likely it would take 2 turns. I do wish there was a way to lock the focal length at 800.

I didn't find a huge difference between the tight/smooth setting for the zoom.

It's about an inch longer than the Sigma including the EF-RF adapter.

Now if we could get a sunny day for a change, I might actually be able to properly test it on birds.



Congrats.   Hopefully, mine will come soon.   Which body are you using it on?



The 600mm to 800mm is a huge factor and benefit. I don't think the ability to zoom from 200mm to 800mm is a big deal either. Plus I don't see the loss of 200mm down to 150mm as any issue. I see it as an over do win for Canon.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!