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Canon 55-250 mm IS STM zooming rattling sound


I just bought a new 55-250 is stm lens and everything is working fine except that when I am in video mode and I am zooming, the lens makes a rattling/clicling noise that is picked up by the on board mic when shooting in a quiet environment.
The weird thing is that this noise is not there in picture mode when zooming, only when shooting a video and zooming together.
It is NOT the IS noise since I also hear this one (but it is really subtle) and when I turn IS and AF of, the rattling zooming sound is still there..

I am really bothered since I loved the lense, but ot is also supposed to be STM (silent). However I also have a 24mm pancake lense which is also STM, but it is making noise also in video mode, but this was a known issue and many people have noticed it, so I kept it.
Is it normal For the 55-250 (anybody also noticed it) or should I return it ?



(my cmera is a Canon SL1) 



Thanks for the info!
Yes maby I will call to make sure everything is all right with the lens.
Thanks for the support

You're welcome! I'm glad to help! 


Let us know how things turn out! 

"...if you feel that your 55-250mm is making noise that it shouldn't,..."


It is !  Smiley Frustrated  Call today or return it.

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