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Canon 24-70mm


Im having this issue. I have a canon 6d and was using a 24-70mm. it gave me the eror101 between lense and camera. i tried to do the Fstop high and fstop low. it fixed the error. (so far) but i notice when i look in the viewfinder. it looks dark and when i take a picture,it looks really dark. can anyone please help. thanks


i did not drop it..just snap a photo and this error happen.


Remove the lens and look for any signs of debris on the lens and camera contacts. Wipe anything away with a lens cloth.

Try another lens to see if the camera works with a different lens. Between the camera or the lens, one of them needs service.
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You can try cleaning the contacts if it makes you feel good. I doubt it will help, it almost never does.


"i tried to do the Fstop high and fstop low. it fixed the error."


What is this? It sounds like your lens is broken and needs repair.  You did not mention any history except you didn't drop it.

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Hello Jorge319, 

We are sorry to hear that the issue persists.  If troubleshooting didn't seem to resolve the issue, the next step would be to send the unit in for evaluation.  

You may fill out an online repair request form at the following link to setup your repair using our online service.

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Oh no...hope it gets fixed. Love the 70 - 200 - gives great shots and the auto focus is lightening fast......
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