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550d aka Rebel T2i aka Kiss X4 best lens for jewelry video ?

fyi: I am a 76 year old American man in Thailand in poor health, and I have never shot video on any camera. I thak you in advance for your patience.
I have the standard kit lens, and the Canon 108 macro f 2.8 (older model, not L).
Scenario: small jewelery items in the center of a rotating turntable in a light tent, Camera on heavy tripod
Do you think these lenses will do for medium-quality video ? Is there another lens you'd recommend ?
I am not trying to get ultra close-up shots in the videos; those I can do as stills.
What about tethering the camera to a PC, and shooting #n stills per second via software ... possible ?
Appreciate any advice !
thaks, Bill


Why are you even asking this question?  Set it up, test it out, and review it.  Only YOU can be the judge as to whether or not your gear meets your video needs.  The best answer we can give you is maybe. 

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Welcome to the forum billwoo.


There is no obvious reason why those lenses shouldn't work. As recommended by Wadizzle, just set it up and give it a try.


You can tether the camera to a PC using Canon EOS Utility. 


You can download the manual here to see if it will do what you want.


You can download the software here:

John Hoffman
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thank you, what Canon lens woud you choose for video of jewelry on a turntable in a light tent ? i realize that with a camera as old as a 550d that may be limited by the camera's capabilities.


thank you for the links; I will be researching what's possible with tethering.


cheers, Bill

You want a macro lens. Either the EF-S 60mm or the EF 100mm.

thank you, I do have the older 100 mm. 2.8.


i was hoping to hear from someone who has had experience shooting reflective jewelry with video with this camera.


cheers, Bill

As others have mentioned, you'll just need to practice and practice.  Especially with highly reflective subjects; you'll want to play around with the lighting to achive the look you're after.


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You asked if it is the "best". Of course bottom of the line, older tech, gear is rarely the best but it may be adequate. You have to judge that.

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thank you, I meant to imply in my question about "best:" if there is another lens that might  =be particularly useful for close-range video ,,, say 6 inches or so away fom the target. cheers, Bill.