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sending text with a scanned document to eml


I have a Canon TS6051 and use Windows 10. When I scan a document to attach to email then add text about it on the email the text isn't sent with the document. In ther Sent box there is just the document!

This has only happened after I purchesed Office 365 a few days ago. With Office 2013 it was possible to do this.

Can anyone tell me how to retasin the text?




"Text Isn't Sent With The Document"??


Meaning what exactly?


Provide the steps you are performing please.- As much description as possible.


You initate a scan, from the printer?, From an application (which one)? Manually? Etc?

then Open Outlook, attach the scanned document or ??

and Enter text where?, Subject line of message, in The Message Body? 

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I scan from the canon printer application on my desktop screen and set the scan to be attached to an email in Outlook. When I exit the scan an email pops up with the scanned document attached. I then add text to the body of the email and press send. The email apears in my sent folder but only the scanned document is there-the text has disappeared and is not received by the reecipient.