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scans are pdf . want jpg


I am scanning several images together against a background. They automatically come up as pdf files. I want a jpeg file. I have done several of these kinds of composites and at first they were jpegs but now they are all pdf files. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing. Thanks for any help.


Ah if only it were that simple.   I have this Canon because the Epson I purchased was terrible.  Every time I turned on I had to reconnect to Wireless, then it would not scan from the printer to computer, but would occasionally scan from the computer to the scanner if I could find the dialogue box.   There were so many downloads needed for drivers and utilities it was mind boggling.   Contact with Epson even allowing them remote access did nothing.  

So I returned it to where I purchased and they said it would be within three months to fix it.  Well I put on the sad face and explained I had a University assignment on Photography to have in by Friday, so they felt sorry for me and gave me the cheapest they had - a Canon.

What happened to plug it in and it worked?

I had a Brother A3 for 10 years and the cogs wore out, should have had it repaired..................hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for your input!!! and good luck with your photography.


I have found the best solution to this problem, took my hammer to mine and smashed it in one hundred pieces then bought another brand, never buy canon again!!!!

Woman Sad


I, too, have a problem with a Pixma all in one, where it randomly decides to put scans into the pdf format. Today I have scanned 6 off 5" x 3" photographs one after the other. The first 2 scans are stored as jpegs, the other 4 are pdfs! No settings were altered by me. It is so annoying to have to use 3rd party converters (at a lower resolution !)  to undo this fault.


Asus K55A, Windows 8.1, Scanner is Pixma TS8150, drivers up to date.


I've been having the same issue and just stumbled across the solution. You must select  "Color" on the "Color Mode" setting in order to be able to had the option od a jpg. output. Hope this helds.

Has anyone helped you. I have same problelm.

I have the same problem,I have a Canon Pixma MG 5750 and my PC is running Chrome and Windows 10 any permanent fix?



Similar problwem - I weant JPEG but keep haviong my scans result in PDF files.

Forgot to add - Canon TR8520 scanner using Windows 10

I don't know if you guys are still having this problem but I was able to resolve the issue pretty quickly. I uninstalled Canon Quick Menu.
Go to: Control Panel
Select Printers or Scanners
Click on the device and scan from there.
Make sure you have jpg selected.