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pixma 3200G series. paper roller issues. 2ed printer in 2 years same problem. repair / maintenance?


my first printer of the series lasted less than 6 months. Canon was awesome and sent me a new one with no hassle.


my second one now has the EXACT same issue. paper won't feed on one side and gives a paper jam error. 


i have an extended warranty with SOURCE - i'll find out tomorrow if they honor it.


I'm really happy with the printer in all other respects. we print out beautiful photos, haven't had to replace the ink once. I make sure i print with it on a regular basis just to keep it from going stale (as suggested by a Canon tech).

I even made sure to buy the 'fancy' expensive paper in an attempt to avoid this issue (again, suggested by a tech and the manual)


this printer lasted, 9 months. at this rate i expect to go through a total of 4 printers during the 3 year warranty i have...assuming SOURCE honors their extended (which i doubt).


so. again. how can i help prevent this for my next replacement? and... what assurances do i have that future printers from Canon won't have this planned obsolescence? 

is there a printer with more ' user-friendly' repairability? 


once again. great company. excellent quality printing - terrible user repairability.