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photos coming out too light. switching from easyphotoprint/winxp to EX/win7x64


I have a customer that switched from a Windows XP system with i9900 using EasyPhotoPrint  to a Win7x64 system with easy photo print EX. as far as i can tell all settings are default on each piece of software. same paper etc. Way too many photos will have to be readjusted for print if he can' t get each computer to print the same.


Rising Star

Hello wesromatic,


Try printing the Nozzle Check pattern.  The Nozzle Check pattern shows if each print head nozzle is operating properly.  Please perform the following steps to print a Nozzle Check pattern:

 1.  Turn the printer on and make sure paper is loaded into the sheet feeder.

 2.  On your i9900, press and hold the RESUME button until the printer light blinks twice. When you release the button, the Nozzle Check pattern will be printed.

 3.  After the Nozzle Check pattern is printed, compare the results to the example that has been attached to this email.

 4.  If any colors are missing or if any horizontal lines appear in the color bars, perform the print head cleaning procedure.

To perform a print head cleaning with the printer, please follow these instructions:

 1.  On your printer, press and hold the RESUME button until the printer light flashes one time.

 2.  When you release the RESUME button, the POWER light starts flashing and all colors will be cleaned.  This will continue for about 30 seconds.

 3.  Wait for the light to stop flashing before you resume normal operation.        

Once you have completed two cleanings, please perform another Nozzle Check.  If colors are still missing, turn off the printer. The printer will require service.  If the Nozzle Check prints properly, try reinstalling the drivers. (Click HERE to uninstall/reinstall the printer driver) 

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