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paper feeder not feeding paper at all.


I just want to start by saying I've contacted you guys and you've are sending me a new printer, and i was told i could go ahead and try to fix this one since you don't expect it back. 


i have the prixma g3200. the paper - when it does feed - goes crooked - on the right side. and stops after about 2 inchs. it does NOT get inside the printer where the multi rollers start. 


most of the time it does not feed at all - gently applying pressure doesn't help feed it. i've checked and there are no obstructions. the roller looks clean. 


i have tried dabbing the roller with some duct tape, hoping to either A: remove any invisable debrie stopping the roller from having enough friction to function.

or B: some of the pressure senitive rubber might stick to the roller and help it stick along.


neither of these have had any effect. 


i even tried putting something on the paper to help it stick to the roller. no effect either. 


any ideas would be apprciated. but i'll understand if nothing else can be done since you've already sent me another one. 



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi John-Paul,


It would appear as though you have tried everything already.  That printer would require service.


If you would like further assistance, please contact our support group using the following link:

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