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my canon mx892 will not print because of error U052.


our canon mx892 will not print due to error U052.  i followed all of the suggested steps for this problem related to an MX700 but it did not correct the problem. now what?


I have replaced the printhead, following your instructions, several times but the error message still occurs and will not let me even use the menu button.  The red light on the "M" ink cartridge blinks slowly instead of staying on solid.  By the way, your instructions left out a step:  remove all the ink cartridges before lifting the print head lock lever.  


This error message came on as i was using the printer to print and i had not removed the print head or replaced any cartridges.

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My MX892 just got this error. One cartridge ran out ink and this message popped up. I have tried cleaning and all new ink tanks nothing works. I have only used Canon printers and this is very disappointing.


I followed your instructions 20 times already and it does not work. Thanks for nothing. So, now what should I do.

it's truly unfortunate that Canon doesn't recognize this fatal flaw in their design; it's obvious they monitor this forum and yet they do nothing to help their customers resolve this specific print head issue; I myself went back and forth with tech support with no positive results; I also had a large inventory of spare ink and decided to take the machine to an authorized Canon repair facility (that's a whole other story- finding one in metro Los Angeles was almost impossible!) and spend $225 to have it fixed; reason being it's a good 3 in one printer when it works and I love the multiple sheet feeder. Come on Cannon... fess up to the design flaw, produce a recall and offer customers a free fix! It's a very frustrating issue that is turning many Canon fans to other products- next time it's a Brother printer!


I have tried all of the steps listed in previous posts and nothing has helped.  Any other suggestions?  (Besides purchasing another brand of printer?)

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