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my Printer did not come with all the cables required to connect to my computer

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I just got a PIXMA ip2820 and it did not come with all the cables required to connect to my pc or is it wireliss and if so how to I get it to connect wirelessly 


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Product Expert



Our printers do not come with USB cables.  If you do not have a cable from a previous printer, you can purchase any standard A to B USB cable locally to make the connection.  This is a fairly common cable that can be found at most major office supply or electronics retailers.


The iP2820 can only be used with a USB connection.  It does not have wireless capabilities.


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Cannon does not include a USB Cable with the printers it sells, could you at least put a sticker on the outside of the packaging, so customers can get a cable if we don't have one?

This is extremely frustrating. I have bought many, many usb compatible electronic devices and never once have I encountered one that did not come with the necessary cable. I will not be purchasing another Canon product. Not including the cable is obviously a way to cut costs, but I gladly would have paid a dollar or two more for the cable to be included. Ridiculous. 

Does this printer use USB type B 2.0 or 3.0 (if I understand these are different connectors)?

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Hi tommyleew,


You can use a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 cable with our printers, as long as it is an "A to B" USB cable.

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I did not find anything stating that this product didn't come with all the necessary cables.  I'm not going to buy a Canon again! This is false advertisement, because there was literally NOTHING saying that the USB cable was missing. I checked all the manuals and didn't even find out until I tried to set it up with the CD.

I just looked all over my box and it sayd NOTHING about the cable not being included. Matter of fact, it shows the cable, the drivers cd, and the ink ON the box. Funny they include a cd when one could simply download drivers, but not a cable they masy need. Canon, this is ridiculous.

A USB cable costs less than 50 cents. You guys seriously didn't add one because whatever percentage of people buying a printer already had one? I am never buying a Canon product again, and I am going to share my experience with everyone I know and strongly discourage them from supporting your company. The amount of inconvenience that I am now going through, that all could have been solved by your stingy company putting a cable that would have cost you cents. I hope whatever finance person who made this decision to save the company a few thousand dollars enjoyed their bonus.

wow this is flat out garbage, im never buying another cannon product and im returning this to the store tomorrow, if the usb cord is so simple, and everyone has fifty million laying around there should be no issue in you guys supplying one, this printer is a 40 dollar brick, terrible

You have made a BIG mistake by not supplying a cable.  It is massively annoying and inconvenient to get home and not be able to use your printer.  It's a rip off to make people buy a new cable on top of the purchase for their printer.  Imagine buying a kettle and getting home but you can't have a cup of tea because you must first order a cable.

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What is this silly reply to this issue !!!


I have paid enough money to get this printer and required accessories , USB cable cost is maybe 50 Cent !!!


This is not fair , I will not recommending anyone to buy Printer with Canon brand!!!