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mx922 printer fails to print 8.5"x11" paper (1/2 of the time) due to "no paper in upper tray"


My mx922 printer fails to print 8.5"x11" paper on a consistent basis.  Half the time it gives error message "no paper in upper tray".  How do I instruct printer to always feed larger paper from the lower tray.  I did not recieve manual in box nor have I been able to download manual.


Try reinstalling the print soft ware.  Now when I go to print I see the listed a 'mx922 series 2' along with the original printer choice of mx922.   For the past 6 months I  have printer set for 'mx922series 2' and no longer have the problem.   I am no expert on macs or printers but this simple fix seems to indicate that canon may have updated their software.... too bad they didn't bother to inform their customers.   Hope this works for you.

Does anyone know of any way to change an iPad (Photo app) to print to 8.5 x 11 instead of photo paper?

after months of frustration having the printer work some time but not everytime, I download the software a second time and I have had not had a problem since then.  

What does "plan paper media type mean"? Why can't you give straight answer? Obviously a lot of people have the same problem. We all know how to operate our pc's and apps. We know how to select the correct settings. The problem isn't with us! It is with your software. Fix it!

I was getting an error message, printer not responding...I called Canon and within a minute I was speaking to a technician.  Very helpful, because I had recently changed the router, the printer IP address needed to be reset.  I would recommending calling in to quickly resolve any issue you may have.  AWESOME help

The settings I typically choose on my Mac and printer drivers are all set properly. Are there other settings? It seems nothing I can do will satisfy the printer short of loading the upper tray with smaller sized paper that I do not intend to use. Rather ridiculous (but so is much about this printer).  Do I need to buy a PC to use this printer?  Aaaggghhhh!

Thanks for the description of how to handle the latest MX 922 weirdness, which I now see is actually six years old. 


Wow.  Longevity.


A better solution would be for Canon to reprogram its printers so that the default feeder tray and print size is WHAT THE USER SPECIFIES, not what some engineer in Japan thinks is cute.  


Thanks for passing this along to product-development management.  I'm ready to download necessary software as soon as it;'s ready, and so are all these other users...!

This is ballet. The AirPrint gives no selection options. A screen print will always try the upper tray whether you want it or not. Going back to HP,

Ballet wasn't the term I used.

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AirPrint utilizes preset settings from Apple- so if you try to print from your camera roll it will always want 4x6 photo paper.

Canon has a free app (Canon Print Injket/Selphy) that will allow you to change the size and type of paper you want to print on.