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mx892 does not respond


My MX892 does not respond. The lights are on, but there is no response when I push any of the buttons, including the on-off button.  The printer status says that it is off line.  Printer settings Show the box labeled "Available printers connected with a USB cable" grayed out and the box labeled "Other printers" is checked with the entry "Canon MX890 series Printer WS".  I am using Windows 8 -64 on a desktop computer, and the printer is connected with a USB cable. I have wireless set up on it to print from laptops from time to time.  The same message appears when I try to print wirelessly from a laptop.   I have updated all the drivers, but the problem persists.  However, when I unplug the power cord and plug it back in, I get the message "Power was not turned off correctly the last time.  Press the on-off button when turning power off."  but from this point, after cycling the AC power,  the control buttons all work and the printer status says that it online.  The printer settings now show the box "Available printers connected with a USB cable" checked with the entry "Canon MX890 series Printer WS", and the printer works again.   All is good until it freezes up again.  I'm not sure what triggers the freeze, but it seems to always happens after the computer is restarted or after it wakes up from "sleep".  Any suggestions?


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Additional troubleshooting will have to be done to narrow down the cause of your issues.  Please contact our support group using the link below for additional assistance.

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I am having the EXACT same symptoms as reported in the start of this thread, but on the TWO mx892 units I have, normally after the printer is on but has not been used in a while. Were you able to find and fix the problem?  And if not, who should I contact to get it resolved?

Had this happen too.  For some reason the option of using the MX890 Series WS printer just started showing up.  I would try it and the printer would not respond but then about 2 minutes later it would print but not just one would print over and over forever!  Used way too much ink and wasted lots of paper.  Anyhow, just choose the MX890 Printer without the WS  It worked for me!!! 🙂

I have the mx892 as well and let me tell you...mine uses so much ink that is seems as though I have a near constant flow of packages at my door, all containing a whole set of ink. Lately I have been ordering two sets at a time. Not just the black ink for printing grayscale but all the ink. When I first hooked this thing up a few months ago I set it to print greyscale, fast. I was shocked to find out that cannon will not allow you to print using just the black in for greyscale but it uses all the ink, all colors and all the blacks. Other than that the printer is ok but the ink usage is A JOKE! SHAME ON YOU CANNON! YEA. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!!! So I call cannon customer service, they tell to mail the printer to some repair shop, WHY? so the can fix the software or firmware that controls the ink flow, or tell me that my ink carts are not oem (I tried oem, same issue), I can't see even packing this thing up, PAYING for shipping, doing without a printer AND WAITING FOR THIER ANSWER, NO WAY! I'M STUCK. I am very sure canon is well aware of the problem, here’s why: I saw these printers on sale at Costco and made a couple of phone calls to friends of mine that I knew need printers...yea guys and girls, I bought three of these RIP OFF printers. My luck, both of my friends complained, not to canon but to me. One of my friends just junked his, the other leaves his unplugged all the time, yea the printer also has another way of using up you ink. according to canon customer service the printer goes through some sort of cleaning routine on a regular basis, I think she said it will only do it once in a while but I don't remember exactly what triggers the auto cleaning cycle, oh yea, I have not confirmed that unplugging the printer will help with ink use. I would really like Canon to comment on this so, i am going to post this in other places here. Good luck to all who have these and other issues with Canon printers and other products. I almost forgot, the ink issue, well i don't think the ink is going on the VERY SMALL AMOUNT OF PAPER I AM USING, i think the software/firmware is just telling the ink cart to register empty because i have used enough ink to print reams and reams of paper, yet i have only printed about maybe 1/2 of a ream. also let me tell you this: i am 60 (sixty, almost 61) years old, i use to have 3 computers set up here in this house that i have rented for 3 years. I have 5 printers sitting around, maybe more, thay are not all canon, just this one i am using now. Point being i have only been collecting these since i moved here. without getting up and looking i know one is an HP, 2 are lexmark and 1 is a canon or brother (just can't remenber) but i do remember that i was responsible for runining the print head on it but i saved it because it was the best printer i have ever owned, i had a brand new print head for it but i lost ot around hers somewhere. anyway, over the last 25 years or so i have had tons of printers because i print a lot bey I HAVE NEVER HAD A PRINTER THAT GOES THROUGH IN LIKE THIS, NOT EVEN CLOSE. 25 years ago i was dowtown Los Angles, guess what i was doing...?? Working on office equipment, printers, lots of them but they were high speed office printers of a different tecnology like daisey wheels and IBM lasar printers. point being this: i consider myself somewhat qualified to tell you and canon THIS MX892 USES WAY TOO MUCH INK, not just a little but maybe somewhere between 5 and 7 times too much, same senereo with the other two i bought for my friends and they both said they only printed a few pages before the ink ran out. This is more that a simple problem for canon, i personally beleive it is aproaching crininal, i really do. Companies like canon have a responsibility to the public, a responsibility to provide us with products that meet certain guidelines of product usability, Canon USA falls short on this one, way short. I really could go on and on about this but we don't have time to and i'm sure you are getting tired of me so i will end with this. CANON USA needs to privide us with a fix for this, i don't really care too much how but i'm pretty sure it is in the software. Whoever designed the print drivers for this should have left themselves a way out of this problem, should it become a problem. I must say this: if you have ink issues with your MX890 series the 892 included or any other printer YOU MUST REPORT IT TO CANON. ADDITIONALLY, POST IT ANYWHERE ON THE WEB YOU CAN. Unfortunatly a couple of complaints don't seen to constitute a problem for canon. So all of you that have problems like this PLEASE report them, post them, blog them, get the complaints out there, lot of them otherwise Canon USA will think what they are doing is ok and continue to rip us off with costly products and supplies, other companies will do the same. I have the experence, knowlage and 60 years of life in this country and i'm telling you: this is how it works...thanks!!

Same freezing issue, but mine isn't connected to a "WS" version.  Mine is connected to a fairly new iMac.


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