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canon MG3200 - printer not responding




My printer won't print anymore - it gives me this message error: "printer not responding".
I've tried to fix it via the troubleshouting, restarting, reinstalling the driver- and all what's written in the manual online- 

but nothing. It's one month old so it's quite new. 


No error displayed on the led panel.


What's the next step I should take to fix it?


Thank you


It used to work,
no sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't
takes me half an hour of restarting , pressing reset for 5 seconds ,
restarting my computer until something works.

will get another,
probably not be from Canon, but from some company with experience in computer accessories and not just cameras.


I have the same issue! I am even able to print from my phone but not my computer. I have uninstalled & reinstalled too many times, I am really annoyed. 

Hi alaina3279,


So we can better assist you, please reply with what operating system is on your computer (version of Windows Mac OS X), as well as if you have the printer connected wirelessly or via USB cable.


If this is a time-sensitive matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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Windows 10 viaUSBcable

Hi tapsyben,


Updating the printer driver should resolve the issue.


  1. Disconnect the USB cable.
  2. Click HERE.

  3. Scroll down to "Recommended."

  4. Click “Select” next to "MG3200 series MP Drivers."

  5. Press "Download."

  6. Open and run the file.

  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

The installation program will prompt you when to reconnect the USB cable.


This didn't answer your question or issue? Please call or email us at one of the methods on the Contact Us page for further assistance.


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Yeah. I had this problem. I had a lot of problems with this piece of...well this model of printer. I found the best solution is to throw it to the floor and smash it into bits so it will fit in the garbage shoot. It is not only very satisfying but it solves all your problems with this printer. I am so glad this printer was a freebee, included with the purchase of my computer. Thank God I didn't pay for this awful computer.

Erratum...should read 'this awful printer'