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can you use a 245XL ink cartridge for a MG2120 printer?


So, I was recently gifted a Pixma MG2120 printer but when I connected the printer cable from the printer to my laptop, my laptop says it's a MG2100 printer. So, i'm going with a MG2100 printer, due to my laptop labeling this printer as that. So my question is, can you use a 245XL ink cartridge for a MG2100 printer? 



That printer is retired.  And unfortunately Canon doesn't list what ink cartridges to use on that product's main page.  I did though find a web page for Ink yield specifications MG2120 which mention the following ink cartridges:

  • PG-240 (black)
  • PG-240XL (black)
  • PG-240XXL (black)
  • CL-241 (color)
  • CL-241XL (color)

Gave up searching for "245XL" at Canon's site, but did find that on B&H Photo.  For compatible printers, it isn't listing the MG2100 series of printers.

Your printer should have the model number somewhere on it.  Double-check what you have, then there should be a way to find compatible inks.  If you have the MG2120, it would be the PG-240 and CL-241 cartridges listed above.



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