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Resolved! Canon MP Navigator Stopped Working (MX870)

Running Windows7, 64 bit Oper SystemCanon MX870Scanning was not an issue prior to a few days ago. No new software or programs have been installed.Went to scan a document and scanning looked like it was working, then it greyed out and received error m...

jealkon by Apprentice
  • 47 replies

Resolved! Very badly out of alignment

I have a Pixma MX452 that is very badly aligned. Automatic alignment does not correct it. Manual alignment gives me the black column F with all rectangles showing every other line a quarter inch left or right of the following line.It looks like:    X...

Canon MG2522 won't feed paper

Hello, i've had this printer for about a month and suddenly it just started to jam. It grabbed 1 piece and printed a slight amount of black on it then stopped pulling through, now it won't feed the paper through more than about an inch, i have tried ...

MG8220 Won't print from rear tray

I've been printing from the rear tray forever. Suddenly my Mac was no longer seeing the printer so I reinstalled the printer software. Now the printer prints from the main tray even when I choose rear tray. It just refuses to recongnize the rear tray...

seismic by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Printer Error HELP!!

I have a Cannon MG6620 and suddenly in the middle of printing a report it stopped and gives me this error message:The type of Print Head is incorrect install the correct print head"????I changed a couple of the Ink Carts and everything was working fi...

kayeD by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Cannon MG5520 print issue

My MG5520 will only print in black and yellow. I have cleaned and deep cleaned print nozzel. Aligned print heads and still just yellow. What can I do?

mtz by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Pixma iP8750 Photo printing issue.

I'm trying to print some 6x4 photo's on non cannon standard glossy paper.Started to get black smudges on the corners of prints, and now this is occuring:  Starts to print ok, then towards the rear of the print I get a clacking sound from printer.Ther...

20190901_081826.jpg 20190901_081907.jpg

Canon IP7220

I have a problem to print any picture or photo. For about 9-10 cm print is sharp and clear, after - blury. I printed test pages for Magenta, Cyan, Yellow and Black separately, same problem wih all of them.Any sugestion welcome


Error 5200 message on Canon Pixma MX320

I've been using my Canon Pixma MX320 for probably 7 years now without a problem or ever seeing this 5200 error message, but it appeared tonight for the first time. Long ago I realized I could get along without using the color cartridges and buy black...

USB Connection Taking a Long Time

I am installing the driver that goes with my PIXMA TS3120 printer. When I get to the part where it finds the printer, the spinny wheel just keeps spinning. It says it will take "a while" but I have a feeling that something is not quite right, since i...

Liv27 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

MX885 no scanning option

Since last week I have been unable to scan - Windows 10 update I think.  I have removed all printer drivers and all Canon software.  I downloaded and installed drivers from Canon website and installed them.  I have downloaded and installed Quick Menu...

Orraman by Apprentice
  • 0 replies
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