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Canon MX920 Will not use black

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I would like to be able to print in Black ink (Not PGBlack) only. I have tried setting the printer to only print in grayscale. I have darkened images to be dark black. I have even tried using depleted color tanks; bypassing them via the cancel button, and the printer still will not do it. The head is working fine, and prints in black on the built in test; and the ink cartridge is brand new. I know that the printers use other colors to make the blacks richer and all that; but this isnt a reason I cant print in black only. What can I do to get it to work?

The printer is a MX 920, connected over USB.


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The 920 must have all ink tanks installed, and they must have ink. 

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I do not mean to be rude; but this is simply not true; I was not asking if it were possible to use one cartridge. I already know you can. I was simply asking how it can be done with black. I have been sucessful in getting every other color to do so. I also made it very clear that I had tried depleting them only after everything else, so the point is mute.