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Won't scan mp830


My MP830 stopped scanning and copying.  It will print just fine.  The light source does not come on.  The focusing bar does not move across the platen.  I have unplugged the printer overnight.  Still will not scan/copy.  There was no new software added proximally.  Vista ultimate 64.  HP Touchsmart tablet.  This set up worked for years.  When I got a 6A00 message, I cleaned the plastic blades and reset the sponge and the 6A00 message stopped.  I don't think the copy/scan issue is related.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.


Are you in Australia? Because if so, the MP830 came with the capability of printing directly onto inkjet-printable CDs and DVDs. This, combined with scanning, photocopying and faxing, made it a truly multi-functional device - and I would also like to know the answer to your question!


But if you are not in Australia, the chances are your MP830 did not come with the CD printing capability, so it will be much easier for you to find a replacement which just prints onto paper, plus scans/copies/faxes.

I now have a Canon MX922 which seems pretty equivelant.


I disassembled my MP830 and removed the ccfl lamd and measured it (2.6mm x 240mm) and went online and found a replacement (new lamp) from CCFLwarehouse for $9.99.  I ordered the two silicone boots for each end for another $1.50.  Shipping was $4.99 (1/2 that of other ccfl sites).  Soldered the wires and presto, works liken brand new!  I elected not to order the pre-wired unit as it appeared the plug was different than mine.  If it had been differenent, I would have had to solder the old one on anyway.  We all know that Canon could offer to selll this if they wanted, but Obsolete is right, they think we will bend over and take it...

I just bought a Canon MX472 for $50 and free shipping. I just need the scanner every so often. I couldn't disassemble and do all that stuff to save my life. 

Thanks Stanley, this is precisely the info required Man Happy

I went on their website and I believe this is the correct link:

Perhaps you could confirm.

Also, was it difficult to disassemble the scanner unit? I had a quick look and it seemed to be a sealed unit?

Thank you for the Link, this really is a HUGE HELP for those of us out there that can fix this ourselves, but don't know where to get the parts! I have been waiting close to a year, and I just ordered the new lamp and ends. I will post after they arrive and I fix the scanner.

can you or someone please explain exactly how to replace the CCFL????

Just a quick thank you for sharing this info. Now I have to muster the "give a rip" to order and install the solution!

Cat Very Happy GREAT! I knew someone out there would finally discover how to avoid getting banged by Canon! THANKS,  and I ORDERED the lamp and ends!!! Looking forward to using the scanner again, instead of dumping this into the trash!

You need a lot of patience and need to read the manual very carefully to disassemble the printer in order to replace the lamp. I replaced the lamp and found out that actual problem was not the lamp but the taped wire running through which had got damaged. After some careful thinking I cut a small piece of my bank card and stuck it with a glue where the taped wire got damaged. It was mere luck that the lamp worked. I did not need to change the lamp. I could have saved £20 as got the lamp delivered to uk.