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Won't scan mp830


My MP830 stopped scanning and copying.  It will print just fine.  The light source does not come on.  The focusing bar does not move across the platen.  I have unplugged the printer overnight.  Still will not scan/copy.  There was no new software added proximally.  Vista ultimate 64.  HP Touchsmart tablet.  This set up worked for years.  When I got a 6A00 message, I cleaned the plastic blades and reset the sponge and the 6A00 message stopped.  I don't think the copy/scan issue is related.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.



@Obsolete_User wrote:

Is anyone here so disgusted they are ready to sacrifice the possibly still fundtioning printer (one forth of all the functions, now that the other three don't work) to make a point?

I would LOVE to see someone go on camera with their MP, explain the problems we've all had with the printer and with Canon, and then blow it up!!!  Buy 500 backlinks for $5 and make sure its the first video anyone googling 'canon' ever sees.  Would really serve the biotches righttttt!!!! lol

Very tempting suggestion given today is range day at my bro-in-law's place where I'll be throwing a few rounds downrange with my trusty Sig 40 & 45. However having to clean up the splattered shards of plastic, of which I'd make sure there were plenty, would be like Canon adding insult to injury. Thanks for the inspirational idea though!


I must say that some of the posts here, especially from Lumberg and whmitty have been hilarious, and have - somewhat - helped to take the edge of what is actually a very serious problem - as Lumberg has so wonderfully elucidated earlier!


Obviously I have the same printer, the MP830, and it now has the same issue - malfunctioning lamp - obviously nothing to do with software as it won't even copy/scan/fax as a standalone unit.


Keeping it as a standalone printer would be pointless - its print quality is actually quite decent for an all-in-one, but the amount of ink it guzzles makes it a non-proposition. Pity I just went out and bought a new ink tank for it the other day, that was money down the drain...



Anyway to get to the point: since Canon evidently doesn't want our business any more, has anyone found a way of replacing the lamp using a 3rd-party lamp?







EDIT: I downloaded the Service Manual from

On page 1-6 it says that the solution for "The scanner unit cannot detect the home position, or the scanner unit warming-up is not done properly at power-on. On the LCD, "Scanner is notoperating correctly." is displayed." is to replace the Scanner unit. So I bet Canon never even made the lamp available as a separate part at all.

My solution was: I threw the Canon out, and I bought an OKI color laser MFP with network interface and a spare set of toners.  All this was the same price as the Canon at the time of purchase. 

I need something that will print onto CDs though, so it has to be inkjet.


And while I don't receive faxes on the unit any more, I would like to be able to scan and fax outbound... that's not essential I suppose, as I could just scan to a file, and fax that via the internet, but that's more fiddly.


If anyone can recommend a eplacement that will print onto CDs, as well as scan, they would be my two most basic needs...

My new MFP can fax very well (both directions), and it has a ton of other cool features. It also prints colour in excellent quality. I also have a small black HP laser for printing everyday documents (that one is cheap to run as I use refilled toners)   Later I might want to buy another inkjet just for photo printing, but there is not enough space here and also no immediate need.   

OK, so here's how I licked this issue... I bought a broken MP830 from Ebay for $1 + $30 delivery. I was taking a chance that the scanner unit in it would still be functional, and fortunately it was. (There was also someone on Ebay selling just the scanner unit part (functional) but that would have cost more and taken longer to receive.)


I followed the instructions in the Service Manual at for removal of the scanner unit. For anyone else attempting it, the relevant pages are: 1-21, 1-22, 1-29, 1-30 & 1-31.


It's a fiddly job but if you're handy with a screwdriver (which is all you need) then you should be able to disassemble the two printers and reassemble the repaired one in around 2 hours, maybe less.


So now I have a functional scanner again, but here are a couple of points I'd like to make:


1) This doesn't get around the annoying issue of "planned obsolescence" so going by the experiences of me and others here, I can expect the repaired unit to fail again, and quite possibly in the same way, quite soon...


2) There are plastic 'hooks' that hold the facia panels over the control-panel buttons in place, that seem deliberately designed to break upon removal! Another example of blatantly planned obsolesence? I have heard of auto manufacturers using the same trick on door panels, which then cannot be reinstalled unless you buy new clips from them. It's totally ridiculous, because I could see no logical reason for this, other than to annoy the consumer. For this particular repair job, you will not need to remove those fascia panels - unless you just purchase a replacement scanner unit by itself, because then you will need to remove and re-attach your existing control panel as well.


I've got to say, over the years of using this printer, I've really enjoyed its multi-functionality, and it's been trouble-free until now - but this experience has really soured me towards Canon, which is a shame.


But for all we know - the other manufacturers may not be any better (read: ethical) in this regard...?



Thanks for the info on a work-around to the MP830 problem. As another poster mentioned I too want the "scanner/cd printer" capability and it is not easy to find a cost effective version of such with the duplex scanner feature. Still, as you point out, a replacement scanner module whether new from Canon or one cannibalized from a another MP830 as you opted for is likely to exhibit the same failure profile. Thus I may simply buy a  NON-CANON  stand-alone non-duplex scanner and stick with the MP830 for CD/DVD printing until it craps out on me.


Good luck with your "fix" and may it last for a reasonable amount of time.

I would just like to go on record to say my scanner just bit the dust.  I live in the country, working from home and here I have a job to do and need my scanner which I rarely use. 


I keep my printer turned off for the most part as I don't have a great need for it. So, just when I have a need, I'm SOL.


I doubt jiggling the lock switch will help anything judging on what I'm reading here. So typical of today's high priced but not meant to last products.


So disappointed.

really, the only solution is.. buy a fujitsu!  take that Canon.


Beansgood - for your infrequent need, download a scan app like Pro Scan (I think) for a smart phone.  It will be good enought and better than faxing.  For that matter, an old fax is a (B&W) scanner - you just need a phon number (another service) to send it to, and then you received a pdf of your fax.  i-fax?  e-fax?


Can you please let me know what model is equal to the superseded mp830 as my scanner has also died?

Many thanks,