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Very strange lines when printing (Pixma MG8120)


Hello all, I have a strange problem to work out with out printer. It's a CANON PIXMA MG8120 and we're getting strange lines when we try to print. We've tried all the basics (replacing the toner, cleaning everything, etc), but the lines are still there. (Please see what should be solid blocks of color in the pic in the "spoiler" below)


Thought it might be the wifi network glitching out so I tried printing through a cable, lines are there.


Tried realigning the print heads thinking something may be slightly off, lines are still there.


Cleaned everything inside and out of the printer, top to bottom, no change.


They show up when we print a file from a computer (on Win 7 and Win 10), text, image, jpg, pdf, doesn't matter it's all the same.


They show up when we use the scanner to scan in and print an image directly, so it's not a driver error. Just to test this though I reinstalled all the drivers and tried again, still the same problems.


Here's the catch though, when we print from my Sisters computer through Photoshop CS6, it works just fine! No lines, no nothing, just a normal print. It should be noted that she's using Win 7 and I'm using Win 10. That's really the only difference.


So now we hit the problem, in some instances it prints just fine, but for the most parts it's just slightly off. Have any of you seen anything like this before?


Thanks very much for your help!







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