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Touch screen on MG6320 stopped working


The touch screen / control panel on my 2 month old MG6320 seems to be stuck on the middle screen.  Touching, tapping, swiping etc doesn't work to either activate the visible icons or move to the other screens.  Anyone else have this problem or know of a fix?  Powering on and off does no good.






I am having the same exact problem.  I have had this printer for only 1 month now today.  I don't get any lights to the left or right anymore either, except for the wifi logo light.  When the panel goes dark, I can tap it and it will light up again, but I can't swipe or press Copy, or even tap any Home light.


Did you get an answer as to the problem and how to fix it?  I sent Canon an email advising of the problem.  Hopefully I'll hear something back.

Ok - this is WEIRD! - right after I hit "post" on this reply, I tapped the touch screen.  It beeped and I got the home light and the little arrow-back light, and I was able to swipe on the screen!!  (This has not worked in days)


So....what did I do?  I have only done 2 things with it tonight.


1) Unplugged the unit for about 10 minutes, then plugged it back in for 10 minutes.  Then turned it on.  (This did not seem to really fix it)


AND (this doesn't make sense but hey...)


2) I took my CISCO Router off from sitting on top of the printer (back left far away from the front panel).  When I did that, I noticed the top of the printer did feel very warm to the touch. Now, that spot doesn't feel hot anymore, and my touch screen is continuing to work fine.


Now I can go to sleep tonight!! 🙂

Hope something like this works for others.

Yup, I unplugged it for a a while,then when plugged back in it worked fine. Seems to have needed a rest.

Yep happened to me now 2 times.  The first time I contaced Cannon and they had me unplug the printer for a few minutes then press the power button for a few seconds.  Then plug it back in.  That is a hard reset and you have to reconfigure everything again (wireless settings, etc).  This time I left it unplugged for a few minutes without hitting the power button so I dont reset everything.  That worked.

Lets hope Canon is monitoring this so this issues gets fixed with a new firmware release.

Thanks for the word about the fix.  My Canon is only two months old and my touch screen was frozen at Photo, too.  Turning the MG6320 off for a few minutes, touching the on button for a few seconds and then turning the machine back on again did the trick.  Canon need to look at this issue and find a permanent fix.

Thank you so much for explaining the difference between a hard reset as instructed by Canon, and a simple power off/on which seems to work, and doesn't require setting everything up again.


Now you saved me, because I sat for 30 minutes waiting for support, and started to check the forum in boredom and found your post just in time!


Canon:  Are you listening?   Put this solution in your FAQ or somewhere so we don't have to get help from other users.  Don't make us hang on the phone for 30 minutes if this is a common problem that can be fixed by unplugging the unit for 60 seconds!

After working for years, the touch screen on my MG6320 printer would not work when I tried to scan or copy. I struggled for 2 days looking at drivers, using the tools provided by Cannon and nothing seemed to work. Out of desperation I finally decided to unplug the power from the printer for 10 seconds and plugged it back again and...EUREKAH !!!... the touch screen began to work again.


Next time I will unplug and replug something before trying any thing else!


I am also having the same problem.  Mine occurs when paper runs out (happened twice now).  I reload paper into the cassette and cannot click "OK" on the touchscreen -  it stays stuck on the "Support code 1008" screen.  My first workaround was to cancel the print job (frustrating).  My second workaround was to power off the printer via the touch power button (not an unplug).  This cancelled the current job but at least left the remaining jobs in the queue.


Hope this can be corrected soon.




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