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TS9520, how to select paper tray


there does not seem to be an easy and quick way to tell the printer which paper tray I want it to use

I have to open the printer dialoug box each time?

I also cannot find out how to put a short cut to printer status on my desktop 

so, if there is an option there, I have not been able to access it 


for a while I worked around that by pulling the bottom tray out

but today, the printer decided it would not go for that trick and refused to use the paper in the top tray 

until I spend 20 minutes trying to find a setting for that 


Canon, I understand the difficulty of keeping up with an ever changing array of printers and software, but links that don't actually address the problems they claim to address, are just a waste of time for your customers 




Product Expert
Product Expert


Is your printer connected to a computer running Windows or MacOS? 

We look forward to your reply. 

windows 10


I found it, after reading and trying so many outdated and inaccurate info on canon and ms

I found where to make the selection

the weird thing is that how the printer chose to use a tray changed, I can load legal paper in the bottom tray and it would use it then it decided it had to use the top feed...

I would put paper in the top feed and it would use that, then it decided to tell me there was no paper in the top feed when there is paper there

now I know how to TELL it what tray to use


what I dislike is how much work that was and, canon is not responsible for microsoft hiding essential features 

but, ease of use

results in customer loyalty 

one of the reasons I chose another canon was thinking it would work in a similar way


next time, I will know better 


thank you

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