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TS8050 Photo Printer will not print colour



I've had a Canon TS8050 photo printer for a couple of years. It ran off of the first set of Canon cartridges I got for it wonderfully, for far longer than I expected it to, giving excellent image quality. Then when it finally came time to change the ink cartridges I found that the colours continued to print very faintly, eventually fading to nothing.

It will now only print in black and white, specifically it will only print from the PGBK cartridge, judging from the nozzle test page. I've finally got around to trying another set of cartridges in it and the same issue persists, it will only print from the PGBK cartridge. I tried all the built in nozzle cleaning processes, but no improvement. I also tried cleaning the nozzle heads with warm water as per some instructional videos I found. Plenty of black pigment came out into the water but I barely saw any colour coming out into the water.

Any ideas? Have the print nozzles died, or something else?


Photos of test prints below.







Hi, mike_south!


Thanks for reaching out to Canon USA!


The TS8050 isn't a model that our Support Team here in the USA supports, so we recommend reaching out to support in your country so that they might be able to shed some light on what might be happening in your situation. 


You'll find contact information for Canon in your region HERE.


We hope this helps point you in the right direction! 

You know, I'd not even noticed I was on a USA specific website. I'll go to the UK Support as specified. Thanks!

i am having the same issue with a Pixma MG6821 printer , it only prints black and white , we bought new ink and still nothing



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