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TS6220 resets to "Airprint" whenever computer restartrs


(or possibly sometimes when the printer powers off)

Anyway, the symptom is that I find the printer printing at about one pixel per minute (literally!) and find that it is set up as AIRPRINT. When I delete the printer and try to reinstall I get told that I can't install as a USB because there is no driver for my operating system (MAC OS Mojave). So I down load the driver installation package, whil lets me install as a USB device and everything is fine... until days later when I need the printer again and find it has decided to be an Airprint device (or that the Mac has made this decision?).


Appreciate a workaround, else the printer is going into the trash.



Orry for the type. Printer is a TS 6 220

Hi dpgeller.


The TS6220 is compatible with Mac OS via USB.  If the connection type is being forced to swap to Airprint, then it's being caused system-side on the computer.  Do you need the TS6220 to be connected wireless?  If not, ensure the "Wi-Fi" / "Wireless LAN" connection on the printer has been disabled.  To access this setting, tap the WiFi icon on the main menu, then tap Settings.  Enabe/Disable Wi-Fi should be one of the first options.


If the TS6220's WiFi needs to remain active, then you may wish to ensure the printer is closer to the router (though no closer than ~ 2 ft), and that the firewall on the router and on the computer are set to allow the printer to communicate through.  Alternatively, you may need to change some of the security and access settings in the Device Settings menu on the computer to accommodate the printer.


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