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TS6020 Auto clean cycle


I recently purchased the TS6020 printer. I noticed right a way that the printer initiates a cleaning cycle after each document has been printed. It doesn't matter what the content of the printout is or what color. Aproximately 60 seconds after the document has printed, the printer begins an automatic cleaning cycle.

If you print another document within this 60 second time frame, the clock starts again. But basically it does this cleaning routine after each and every printout. This obviously consumes a lot of ink unnecessarily.

It doesn't matter wether the printer is set to auto power off, the process is the same.

I tried turning the printer OFF prior to the 60 second clock running out, but as soon as you turn the printer back on, the cleaning cycle is then initiated.

Opening the scanner lid, moves the print head to the center and interrupts the auto clean cycle, but when you close the scanner lid or after a 25 minute time out, a deep cleaning cycle starts, consuming even more ink.


I contacted Canon customer service about this issue today and got 3 different answers.


1. When I asked the first rep if the TS6020 performed auto clean cycles, the answer was an immediate NO. I had not given any indication that this was an issue, it was just a general question.

When I informed the rep that this happened with my printer each time a document was printed, he transferred me to another rep.


2. This rep also proclaimed that the printer didn't do that, so I let him listen to the process. He then asked me to turn off the printer, unplug the power, wait 20 seconds and plug it back in. Surprise, suprise, nothing changed. He then proceeded to tell me that if I didn't like the sound of that, to return the printer for another one. Although he said there was nothing wrong with the printer. Needless to say, the NEW printer would do the same thing, so that wasn't a practical solution. I was then transferred to another technician.


3. This gentleman was supposedly a higher level technician and after explaining the issue for the third time, he assured me that this was a normal preventive maintenance routine, which could not be turned off. He suggested that I exchange the printer for another one, since the TS6020 was the ONLY one with the auto clean cycle.

Further investigation determined this to be inaccurate. In fact most if not all current Canon printers have this function built in.


It is clear to me now what the strategy is with Canon. Sell printers for little or no money and bleed the consumer dry by forcing automatic cleaning cycles upon its customers. Each "routine" cleaning cycle consumes a considerable amount of all inks. The TS6020 is a 5 cartridge printer, so each cartridge is litteraly sucked dry in between each printed page.


Searching this forum results in numerous complaints regarding this issue with different printers.

I have been a faithfull Canon products, cameras, printers, scanners, user for many years, but am seriously rethinking my positiion.


If Canon is willing to do the right thing and retain its market share, it would provide a modified firmware to alleviate this problem.


Product Expert
Product Expert



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Michael, are you serious. Your answer is insulting, it is clearly a stock answer.

Did you notice in my rant that I contacted your support group THREE (3) times, spoke to 3 different support people and got 3 different answers? Surely you don't expect me to go through that fiasco again?


Will you go on record here and state that the TS 6020 does NOT perform an  automatic clean cycle after every printout? 

Will you confirm that the TS 6020 is the ONLY Canon Inkjet printer that performs such a cleaning cycle? And if so, will you list those printers by name and model?

If there is a fix for this issue, which is affecting millions of Canon Printer owners, please publish it here. Many of us will be very grateful.

I have expirimented with this issue and found a way to prevent the auto cleaning cycle from occuring.


This method applies for those instances where you want to print multiple documents at one time.


By puting the printer in PAUSE mode prior to printing, prints job will be stacked in the printer QUE for later printing.

When you are ready to print your documents, simply remove the check next to PAUSE and printing will begin.

Once all pages have been printed, select PAUSE again to prevent the cleaning cycle from starting. Be sure to do this within the 60 second time frame after the last page has printed.

The shortcut Alt/A keys pressed simultaneous toggles the PAUSE mode.


If you know of any other solutions please POST

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