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TS9520 "no paper in rear tray" error & won't feed paper, however "clean rollers" WILL feed paper.


I'm having an issue with my rear paper tray that is making my TS9520 essentially an expensive paperweight right now. This is incredibly frustrating. I was in the middle of a print job when suddenly the printer told me I have a "no paper in the rear tray" error despite there being plenty of paper in there. I can also physically SEE that the paper doesn't even begin to move down into the paper feeder. I've tried:

-Shining a light to make sure I don't see anything stuck on/in the rollers. Don't see anything.

-Putting more or less paper in the feeder.

-Putting different size paper in the feeder.

Nothing works. I hear the rollers rolling but nothing "catches" so to speak.

HOWEVER, when I run the "clean paper rollers" maintenance cycle, the rear tray grabs the paper with zero issues. The second I go back to trying to print anything though the rollers go back to not gripping. The paper I use for the "clean rollers" cycle is the exact same paper I'm using to print on.

If ANYONE could help I would appreciate it greatly, I'm at a loss!


Product Expert
Product Expert


What version of Windows or MacOS is the printer installed on? 

We look forward to your reply. 

It's running on Mac Sonoma 14.1.2.

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