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TS-8050 reported as offline


Hi all,


I registered in the hope someone can help with a printer problem.
(Canon official support in Belgium is a joke).


I have a Canon TS-8050 printer which is connected to my home network via WiFi.


The network configuration is as follows:
- Router1: the main router for my home network, DHCP server, and the gateway to the internet.
- Router2: configured as a switch/wireless access point


All my netwerk devices get fixed IP adresses from router1.


My laptop is connected via WiFi or ethernet to router1.
The printer is connected via Wifi to router2.
(Also my NAS is connected via ethernet to router2).


I have disabled auto power off on the printer.


Now this all works fine when I just power on the printer.
Printing from my laptop is no problem.

When I don't use the printer for a while, the display switches off but the power led stays on.
Just as I configured.


But when I then try to print something a few days later, it failes.
Windows10 says the printer is offline, while the power led is still on.
When I tap on the printer display it switches on. Also the network signal is at 100%.


When I try to switch off the printer, it doesn't. The message "Ending... Please wait" stays on forever (waited 12h to test).
Only way to switch the printer off, is remove the power cable.
When I then restart the printer, it complains that is was not powered down correctly (duh!).

And then finnaly I can print again.

As I test I switched the ECO settings on the printer to switch off after 30 minutes.
Again this works for a while, but then Windows reports the printer as offline again and the printer doesn't power on automatically.


Today, I configured the printer to connect directly to router1 via Wifi (the signal is much weaker, as the router is further away).
No idea yet whether this improves anything.

Do you guys have any other ideas I can try.
Like I said, official Canon support is a joke.
The last question they asked to "investigate" the problem was whether I was using original Canon cartridges (I am).