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Pixma G6020 status suddenly switched to printer offline after 3 months with no issues


My 3-month-old Canon printer suddenly went "offline" and I couldn't print with either my Mac or HP laptops. The issue is not with either of my laptops (all software up to date, etc.), and is not a connection or router issue. I tried several recommended "fixes" from the manufacturer and in online searches. After many hours trying to "troubleshoot" the issue with no success, I removed the printer from my mac, performed a hard reset and then reinstalled the printer (new set up) starting mostly at square 1.  Printer is back online and Airprint is working. So far so good, but will amend my post if anything changes. I believe after doing a lot of research on this issue that there is a glitch or bug on the Canon side that needs to be fixed. Too many people reported this issue and it does not seem there is an easy or straightforward answer/fix for this problem.