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TR4720 won't install on windows 10


Canon TR4720 Printer Problem                                                                       August 18, 2022

I purchased the Canon PIXMA 4720 from Amazon on 7/27/22 for $99.  It was delivered and installed a day later to my Windows 10 desktop computer with no problems.  During the next month I noticed the printer power would shut down after a short time and have to be manually restarted prior to each use.  This was very inconvenient and unlike my previous HP ink jet printer which was always on in the background.  To solve the problem I contacted Canon technical support and was connected to James Hume in India.  His contact phone number was [Removed per Community Guidelines].  James was very courteous and spoke excellent English.  After making several checks he asked if he could connect to my Windows 10 PC. I granted him permission and watched as he analyzed the printer time out problem.  He ran the same printer driver install program that I had previously completed. After several minutes James explained the problem was with my computer, not the printer.  I was astonished since this PC has functioned flawlessly for many years and has the latest update from Microsoft.  And I routinely run two commercial software programs to detect and clean my PC (cCleaner and Malwarebytes). Also, the computer and printer worked flawlessly prior to me contacting Canon tech support.  James said he could fix the computer but not for free under the Canon warranty.  He said it would cost me $49 and would take maybe 60 to 90 minutes.  Once again I was amazed since I am very experienced and have built Windows computers for 25 years.  I denied James fix request and terminated our conversation.  Next I installed the Canon 4720 wirelessly into my HP Windows 10 laptop.  Both the printer and laptop are working fine.  Then I tried unsuccessfully to install the Canon TR 4720 software back into my Windows 10 PC.  The drivers installed but the software would not.  In fact, the software install program would not complete and would not cancel or close.  The only way to remove that open window was to reboot the computer!

So here’s the bottom line after utilizing Canon’s tech support.  My brand new Canon TR4720 ink jet printer no longer connects to my Windows 10 desktop computer and is thus unusable.  The good news is that same printer works just fine with my HP Windows 10 laptop.

Does Canon have any competent technical employees that can correct the problem that James caused so the TR4020 printer can be installed on my Windows 10 desktop computer?  If so, my contact information is below.

[Removed personal info per Community Guidelines]


Not only will you find the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool in the Start menu (I put it on my desktop) but your printer can also be set to auto power on when sending to print.

Thanx for the info, Brad.  I have downloaded that software and set the printer to auto.  Hopefully it will work.  Mucho thanx.

You're welcome.  Glad it worked out!!  : )


I bought a pixma 4720 back in August. When I first got it, it worked great.  Out of nowhere, I received like 10 things of ink that I didn't order. I came here to the community to ask about that last month. Now the problem is that the. Printer won't connect to the server, which means, I can't even use the printer. So apparently, if you don't buy canon ink, you can't use your printer that you bought! I have tried 5 hrs. the other day to reconnect to no avail. Just like the web site(S) you end up jus goinbg round and round to find yourself at the very beginning AGAIN!!! It is frustrating to say the least. So, my brand-new printer will not print anything!! Support code 1651. I've reconnected I've uninstalled drivers and files. And before Canon blames my 1600.00-dollar laptop, they should know I've tried on 3 of my laptops 4 tablets and 3 phones!! Evan a MS Surface so yea.... If anyone has a legit number for support that does do support on weekends not just when they feel like it, please let me know!!

Official Canon USA support is not available on weekends, so we do not recommend reaching out to any company that claims to be us on a weekend day. You can view your support options on our website however right here.