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Pixma MG6620 firmware


I'm updating the firmware on my Pixma MG6620 for possibly the first time and the device is several years old.  So far my update time is at 2 hours 15 minutes, the progress bar bounces between three and four dots remaining.  Will the update finally complete itself or am I asking too much of it?  Would a reinstallation of the printer or "hard reset" (something I caught a glimpse of on YouTube videos) be the way to go instead? 

Trying not to give up on the device and this experience will definitely change my future with printing from here on out...I'll print more often to keep the machine maintained, I'll update the firmware regularly, etc.  Any help is appreciated for someone trying so hard to figure this out on my own, very out of my comfort zone. I manually removed and cleaned the print head(s) today.

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