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Scanning to Microsoft Word


So after calling Canon and Googling some Canon forum pages, it may be the case that Canon is literally the only major printer company unable to scan documents directly to the only software that 99.999999% of humanity uses to create documents  - Microsoft Word. That is completely unbelivable. If you have any generic Lexmark, HP, or Epson scanner/printer from 1998 on - you will find that extremly basic function as standard regardless of how cheap the unit is. Had I known this information before dropping almost 200 dollars on this product that can't perform 50% of its expected every day function, I would have gone with any of the other major (and cheaper) brands.

Now maybe I'm mistaken, and if so, I'd love to be the most relevant forum to pop up on Google to educate any Canon-users.


If not then... I don't know what to say. For reps - I have a PIXMA MX922, and if you ask me to use notepad, I'm going to ask you to use a 56k dialup modem. Because those two things go hand in hand perfectly.