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Scanned documents are saved as one combined PDF


Greetings forum members.


Whenever I scan documents they are always combined into a single PDF. I want each document to be separate, and saved as single separate PDFs. In the settings on my PC (Windows 10) in the Canon Quick Menu under 'Scan' and then 'Scan Settings' I have set up each type of scan (Auto Scan, Photo Scan, Document Scan etc.) to just 'PDF', not 'PDF (Multiple Pages)', but it still produces one combined single PDF rather than multiple PDFs from multiple scanned documents.


Do I need to change something on the printer itself in order to to get single uncombined PDFs?


For the record I'm using the printer wirelessly via Wi-Fi. The printer is a PIXMA  MG5765


I have looked through various posts in this forum, but so far I have only found people who had the opposite problem, i.e. they produced single uncombined PDFs but wanted them to be combined into a single PDF.


If anyone could help I would appreciate it.




Chocolateburmese 🙂




Hi Chocolateburmes,


To scan a multiple page document with your PIXMA MG5765, the IJ Scan Utility can be used. To scan using the IJ Scan Utility, please follow these steps:


1. Click on the Windows Start menu in the lower left hand corner.


2. Click on the Canon Utilities folder and the click on IJ Scan Utility to open that program.


3. Click the Settings... button at the bottom.


4. Click on Document Scan on the left hand side.


5. Next to Data Format, choose PDF (Multiple Pages).


6. Place a checkmark next to Check scan results.


7. Click OK.


Once set, we can now scan:


1. Place the first page of your document face down on the PIXMA MG5765's scan glass.


2. In the IJ Scan Utility, click the Document button.


The document will be scanned. Once scanning is complete, the Save window will appear.


You can rotate pages, rearrange pages, specify a save location and the name to save the PDF as using this window.


For more information regarding the IJ Scan Utility, please use the following link to the On Line Manual of your PIXMA MG5765:


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