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Pixma MX922 Jamming Constantly


I am at my wits end with my printer tonight. I've spend a good 2 hours yesterday trying to get it functioning properly and was able to copy a few things. Now tonight when I go to do basically the same thing I was doing yesterday I get nothing but paper jams. Out of 4 hours of playing around with this thing I've wasted 20 pieces of paper and only printed 3.


Because of all this I ran out my ink cartridges, which shouldn't be running out if nothing is printing. So what on earth is going on here!!! I even installed ALL NEW ink cartridges and within 10 minutes of trying to print I'm now down to 3/4 full. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Why is my ink running out when I'm not even using it? Especially the color? IS it just pooling at the bottom of my printer in waste? I'm printing black text and should only be using the black ink!


I've done the roller cleaning about 3 times now and really don't want to keep doing that everytime as it may damage the printer, says so right in the user manual.


If I could, I'd take this thing back and get a new one, but I'm past my 14 day return period.


I'm trying to copy lesson materials and use the 2-sided copy-print feature. I got one page printed fine like this. The second and subsequent attempts result in jams.


I expect better performance from a Canon printer!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Decreta,


Please use the following links from the On Line Manual of your PIXMA MX922 to resolve the paper feed issues that you are experiencing:


Once those steps have been completed, please attempt to print.


Does the issue persist?  If it does, please contact our support group using the following link:

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