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Scan function for two printers


I have a Canon MG5320 and Canon TR 8520.  I can scan documents to my HP laptop from the TR8520 but cannot from the MG5320.  How can I scan from both?  On the MG5320 I was able to scan a photo (JPEG) but not a document.  Can I add a driver for the 5320 and not mess up the scan ability from the TR8520?




Your operating system version and build, drivers used, and how the printers are connected might influence this capability.


If you are able to scan jpg's, you should be able to scan documents as well.  

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Thank you.  I have Windows 10 and use Chrome.  I connect wirelessly to printer.  With the TR8520 I use the printer function to scan.  With the MG5320,  I do not get the computer to select - when I press scan, the message is "PC (local) USB"  

If I go into the computer scanner -the only profiles there allow scanning a document in as a photo -JPEG, BMP, TIF, PNIG.  I get a message "Windows cannot load your profile."

If I try to download  the scan driver for the 5320, I want to be sure it will be added and not replace or conflict with the driver for the 8320.  



Are you able to scan from your computer using IJ Scan Utility. That is the Canon scan program that downloads with the printer/scanner driver.


We look forward to your reply.