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Cannot comunicate with scanner: Turned off, USB cable disconnected.



So, to scan my A4 documents I used to open my Macbook Pro (2015) then click on printers and scanners, select my Canon MG6450, select open scanner and click scan (USB of course connected). THIS WORKED YESTERDAY. I have not touched my computer or scanner/printer since. I have tried rebooting my 2015 MacBook Pro as well as the scanner. I have had a really bad experience with Canon ever since I decided to purchase the MG6450. The printer works fine wirelessly (not always, but whatever, nothing compared to this S**t of what Canon calls """"EASY"""" printing/scanning) but the scaner, in spite of me having it connected to USB, JUST DOES NOT!!! Seriously the MG6450 is like a woman on her period. Sometimes it will decide to work and be helpfull and other times, oh well, just wont and instead end up just throwing me a bunch of nonesense error messages! I have ALWAYS had problems with this product!!!!! Even tried the Canon IJ Scanner Utility and OF COURSE it recognises whether my printer/scanner is connected, because if I disconnect my USB the app wont even open but once I connect it it opens fine, HOWEVER when I click on auto scan it says searching for scanners, processing (processing even shows up on the ACTUAL MG6450 screen) but then it just says - cannot comunicate with scanner for the following reasons: turned off, USB not connected. AND BEFORE YOU ASK YES MY USB IS CONNECTED I'm sorry, but I am EXTREMELY dissapointed and dissatisfied and require immediate help as I need this for work. 


I've been searching for solutions for 5 hours now and failed to find one that would work. To clarify, my Macbook is pretty much a fresh install of OS Sierra, because since I got it I only use it for web browsing, music and netflix. For work I use pages and dont really have anything else on it other than documents, so NO, before you ask, no other app could possibly be interfearing with this stupid scanning system that Canon have chosen to adopt. And besides, it worked yesterday (1st time in 1 year since I've had the MG6450).


How hard is it, Canon, to just make it so that when the F*****g printer/scanner is connected via US f*****g B - for it to just work??!?!?!? Seriously, its 2017, not 2001 where we'd need all sorts of adapters, drivers, software ect. This should be working over Wifi and SHOULD be seamless, but instead I have to end up spending 5 hours of my time every time I need to use this printer/scanner. Such a dissapointment.


I do apologize for me beeing so angry, but this is seriously impacting my performance at work and spending my hard earned money on a product that is supposed to facilitate my work and aid me, but end up having to spend more money and time just to get it working is a big no no for me and unless you're a billionaire that can afford a proper printer, I'm sure its a dissapointment to everyone else.


Any help would be massively appreciated



UPDATE: since I'm so frustrated I've even tried connecting to Windows 10 PC, downloading the software and when I click scan it actually says processing on my MG6450, I can even see the little scanner light going from an angle, but then I get an error message like this: ScanGear


Cannot communicate with scanner for theese reasons:

- Scanner is turned off

- USB cable is disconnected


Please check and try again.

Scanner driver will be closed.


Code: 2,156,50 


[Removed - Offensive language.]


I apologize in advance to anyone who might find this offensive, but I am desperate and do not have time to play games




Welcome to The Canon Community, and thank you for your inquiry!

We appreciate your participation, however we need to let you know that the Canon Community is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for and used within the US market.


We've noticed that you've mentioned that you've installed the most up-to-date software. You'll want to ensure you're downloading from the Canon site in your country to make sure you've got the proper driver and software. You'll also want to ensure your USB cable hasn't malfunctioned, so trying a new, or known-working cable will help as well. You'll find support options for your country and your printer by clicking HERE

If you live outside the United States, please CLICK HERE and select your country or region for your support needs, if you're in the USA, please give our US-based support team a call at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666) to go over troubleshooting options. 


Feel free to discuss Canon products sold outside of the United States, but please be aware that you will not receive support directly from Canon USA.

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