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Questions about PIXMA TS9521C functionality


UPDATE/ANSWERS (from Canon Technical Support)

(i) Yes, you can also crop 4x6/5x7 photos using the "trimming print" function directly from the touch screen (Easy-PhotoPrint Editor software is not required)

(ii) NO, you cannot do any scanning without a computer connection.

This is an extremely dumb change by Canon, likely to save a few bucks on the memory storage required for scanned documents (you can buy an 128 GB USB flash drive for $25 retail).

Canon has made their printers useless for anyone who would also like to do some quick scanning without having to power up their laptop and wi-fi first.


My elderly father has an old Canon MG series printer which has broken down.

I am looking for a replacement Canon model that has the same key features, namely:
(i) the ability to crop photos,
(ii) the ability to scan without a computer connection,
(iii) the ability scan to a USB drive,
with all operations done from the LCD touch screen only.

The PIXMA TS9521C seems like the closest match, but I am unable to determine from the specs and manuals whether (i) (ii) & (iii) can be done without a computer or smartphone.

(i) the ability to crop photos – the manual mentions “trimming print”, and shows square cropping through the LCD for disc labels (“Printing Photo from Memory Card onto Disc Label”).

But there is no mention whether standard digital camera photos can be custom cropped for 4x6/5x7 photo prints directly from the LCD touch screen (this can be done on a computer using the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor software).

(ii) the ability to scan without a computer connection – the manual always refers to the “Canon IJ Scan Utility/Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite” located on a computer.

(iii) the ability scan to a USB drive – the manual refers to the “Documents” folder on a computer or e-mailing the data.
It does not describe whether scanned data can be sent to a flash drive plugged into the Hi-Speed USB interface.

* I contacted Canon Canada Customer Support, but they just told me to call a sales rep.

Thank you.