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Problem with CD printing on MX922


I am on my 2nd MX922 printer. I print CDs and DVDs using Surething Disk Labeler software currently version 6. I have printed literally hundreds of DVDs without problems until recently. My disk template typically has 3 objects in the design, a text box at the bottom with VCHD logo, a photo of a movie poster and a title usually at the top or right. I assume the photo is printed using the 4 color cartredges and the text boxes with the large black cartredge. Recently the top line of the title has been not fully printing the tops of the first few letters of the top line and the same is true for other text boxes on other parts of the template. the photo prints fine. I suspected a print nozzel problem but the nozzel check printout is perfect and multiple cleanings and deep cleanings do not solve the problem. There is no problem in pringing from any other softare and even in Surething, if I print  the same template to paper instead of the DVD it prints perfectly..


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Since the nozzle check prints correctly, the issue may be related to the discs themselves.  Try using a different brand of printable disk to narrow down the cause of the issue.


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Don't think it is the disks since problem happened on DVD and Blu-Ray blanks of different makers. However the problem seems to have disappeared, for now at least, after doing a lot of printing. Can't reallyexplain it.


Please help:



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It no longer prints on the CD instead prints on paper.  Deserate to print today.

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I have trouble getting the disk to print the first, or second, or third, ...... tries.

I did the following:

1) cleaned the tray and the reflectors on the tray.

2) Insert the tray *beyond* the arrows lining up but not all the way.  Maybe 1/4" further in than when aligned with the arrows.

3) Notice that the tray will move slightly back and forth, right to left (unless it's inserted all the way)

4) Move the tray where it's sticking out of the printer, to the LEFT with but modest pressure until it stops.

This seems to work for me but you might try variations of this "trick".  It must be because of relative alignment of the tray/CD so different positions may work better depending on the printer.

i'm having the same issue, noticed the bottom of the tray has markings, possibly made by dirty feeder. Would like to know how i can clean those without having to take it entirely apart! maybe like the old fashioned cd player cleaners, just glue some cleaning material to bottom of tray and feed in hoping the "rollers" self clean on the material? 

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