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Printer not printing


My printer is MX922, 4 years old.  Yesterday, when printing a whole single-space page, about 3 of the lines were very faint, while the rest of the document was normal.  We tried printing it again, and about 3 different lines were very faint, could barely read them.  Faint printed lines were 2 or so inches apart, not close to each other, and not the same when we tried it 3 times.  I did maintenance, nozzle check was normal.  I did the cleaning command with no change.  Did deep cleaning.  Also did roller cleaning command.  After that, nothing prints.  The printer makes all the printing noises, but paper comes out blank.  The copier portion also turns out a blank sheet of paper.  There is a message that printer is not connected to the Internet, or something like that.  But all plugs are secure.  I pulled out the ink cartridges, and re-inserted.  No change. I have re-started both computer and printer.  Still nothing but blank sheets of paper.  In Control Panel under Devices and Printers it shows a problem with the printer was detected.  It checked network connectivity, and that was functioning normally, as I understood it.  Does this mean I need to buy a new printer?  


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi kiddee,

Please print another nozzle check and compare it to the example below:

MX922 Nozzle Check.jpg


Does the black grid to the right of |PGBK| print at the top of the page that you printed?



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