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Printer Malfunction PIXMA MG7120


My PIXMA MG7120 printer has recently stopped processing print requests.  When I view the print queue there is a stalled print file in the queue, and I get a message that says "Your printer is being used by another computer".


A Google search on that error returns several instances from 2 or 3 years ago but none are clear on how to resolve.  At the time (~2016) it was claimed that Canon did not know how to fix, even though it was common enough to generate a number of internet searches for a solution.


We did install and run a Canon Windows app, but with no apparent success.


It is now late in 2018.  Has anyone learned how to fix this problem?


Thank you in advance


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Carol308,


To try and clear this error, you will need to stop the [Print Spooler] and empty the [Printers] folder.  Please follow the steps below to delete the print jobs:

1.  Press the Windows Key+R keys on your keyboard to open the Run Window.

2.  Type compmgmt.msc, then press OK.  The Computer Management window should appear.

3. In the Computer Management window, double-click on SERVICES AND APPLICATIONS option on the left column.

4. Double-click on SERVICES.

5. In the list that appears in the center column of the window, please scroll down in the list to and double-click on the PRINT SPOOLER option.

6. Click the STOP button to stop the service.


Leave the Computer Management window open and perform the following steps to delete the jobs in the queue:

1. Right-click over the Windows Start button, then select the FILE EXPLORER option.

2. Click the arrow next to THIS PC.

3. Double-click on the [C:] drive option.

4. Double-click on the WINDOWS folder.

5. Double-click on the [System32] folder.

6. Double-click on the SPOOL folder.

7. Double-click the PRINTERS folder. You will receive a message that states you don't have permission to access the folder. Select CONTINUE.

8. Delete all of the files listed.

9. Close the Printers window and then go to your computer desktop and empty the Recycle Bin.


Next, please go back to the Computer Management window that is still open and double-click on the PRINT SPOOLER option again.  Click the START button to restart the service  Once the service restarts, please restart your computer.


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Thank you very much for the detailed instructions.


Unfortunately, this only worked once.  After executing the steps listed, I restarted the computer and was able to print a Word document.  However, a second print job stalled and I found the same message that "another computer was using the printer".


Would a firmware update help?


Thank you again



Hi Carol308,


You can try updating the firmware on the printer if the firmware has not been updated. Please click HERE for the steps.


If the error returns, please remove the printer from your computer and then click HERE for the MG712 support page and download the MG7100 series MP Drivers Ver. 1.01.


If the print spooler error still continues and the update and reinstall, then I would have to recommend contacting Microsoft. They will be able to troubleshoot the print spooler service on the computer to determine what is causing the error to continue.


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