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Pixma iP4700 Horizontal Alignment Problem


I like my iP4700. I use heavy cardstock in the vertical rear tray and it still works fine.

I am having problems with the horizontal alignment of lines and text when printing landscape format tables and spreadsheets on ordinary 20 lb printer paper. As the print head tracks across the page everything goes up and then down by a line width every ~1/2 inch or 14 mm. I've tried the print head alignment procedure with no change.

Has anyone solved this encountered and solved this problem?


baumgrenzeiP4700 Horizontal AlignmentiP4700 Horizontal Alignment


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Baumgrenze, 

That issue looks like an issue with the printer's horizontal encoder. If you have tried a head alignment and the print quality did not improve at all, it would mean the printer needs service. You can use the link HERE to access your My Canon account to see what options you have.

Outside of the 1 year warranty, you can contact our sales department at 1-800-385-2155 to use our Upgrade Program. The Upgrade program will give you a discount and free shipping on a replacement printer.


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