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Pixma g3260 washed out colors from day one. photos and documents.


My photos and documents come out washed out no matter what paper or settings I use. I can go into deep settings and find a way to adjust color, brightness, and contrast but it is very inconvenient and only helps slightly. I've never had such printer problems with any other printer I have ever bought until now. all the other brands seem to print great out of the box but this canon printer does not. also if I print from my phone or tablet there is no place to adjust any settings to make any improvments. only the standard change paper type. etc. doesn't matter if I print on photo paper, plain paper or high-quality plain paper. the result is the same. 

does any one else have this problem? or found a solution?



Hi Shamon,


So that the Communtiy can better assist you, would you please provide the results of a nozzle check pattern? That, and any additional details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue!

If this is a time-sensitive matter, click HERE search our knowledge base or find additional support options HERE.

I went through every step in the manual, and even did the cleaning, alignment and flushing. Multiple times and waisted half the ink. The solution I found was to not print using any canon software or the native drivers from my windows computer or iPad but instead print from either google docs or gimp. It seems to me the canon software restricts the flow of black ink unless you are using gloss photo paper.

I don’t know why canon has made a printer that prints horrible out of the box unless you are printing photos on photo paper. If I open a PDF file with the native apps on any device the printed text and any graphics are washed out and not vibrant. If I convert the PDF to a google doc or to a jpg and print it from photoshop then they come out acceptable but still slightly less vibrant then the hp all in one I replaced trying to get more value with a canon. 7FAF7F30-15B1-40B3-BBB4-B0ECD064E6F5.jpeg


I am having the same problem. I bought this printer today and can't print a decent printer. I've done all the suggested tests and have made some of the suggested adjustments (contrast, etc) and am not having any luck. Beyond frustrating. 

This issue seems to be posted more than once. It would be great if someone (tech support) could provide the best settings for picture quality because it doesn't seem to be an issue with any of these new printers. Pic 1.jpg


If you are looking for support in real time from Canon tech support,  I recommend reaching out to Canon support for your service options. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


As in tho post pointed out this problem is occours because the black color is not used when photos are printed. Printing photos from a word document will print accepable on a non photo paper. This is a workaround an I am looking fo a parameter in the printer settings to force black color usage also on photo documents. Unfortunately I could not find one. I can live with this workaround for a while, however i suggest you could inform the development departement about this to implement a definitive solution.


Finally I found a solution: in the Goto Printer Preferences, Set Color/Intensity to Manual then hit Set...
On the new Window select the tab Matching and on Color Correction select ICM

This will solve the problem for printing photos on plain paper. I did not test how this affects printing on glossy paper.


In October 2023 still no improvement. It doesnt matter from which app I print, what print quality or paper type I set, print is always bad. Very bad, like the first inkjets from decades ago. Will never buy Canon again.

If you're using the Canon software and drivers for your printer from our site at and still having quality issues, we recommend reaching out to support for one-on-one help. You'll find your personalized support options at


At least you can get yours to print some sort of color. My printer acts like it doesn't even have colored ink in it. Which it does. They are full because IT NEVER PRINTS IN COLOR. No matter what I do. I ran a nozzle test even the nozzle test only showed one color, black. 

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