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Pixma MX922 printing blank pages


My Pixma MX922 has suddenly started printing nothing but blank pages. It doesn't matter whether I try and print on letter or photo paper. I've done a dozen deep cleanings to no avail. I went on YouTube to learn how to remove and clean the print head. Still no difference.


This printer is only 2½ years old. I'm astounded that it has stopped working, especially since I thought Canon was a premium brand. I've Googled the problem and I'm really surprised how wide spread it is. What I'm trying to find out is if anyone has ever solved the problem, or whether this is another $85 down the toilet.


I've talked to Tech Support and they suggested a new print head. As I said, I removed and cleaned the print head and still got nothing but blank pages. I don't want to throw good money after bad, especially since I've yet to read of one user who replaced the print head and fixed the problem.


So, the question is open to this fine forum: has anyone actually fixed the problem of a Pixma MX922 printing blank pages? If you'd be kind enough to share the solution, I'd sure appreciate it, as I'm sure many others would as well.


Thanks to all!


Hi @bocaboy,

No problem, my solution above only addresses one scenario and that was "extra" blank pages inserted into the print bundle. I see a lot of printers in my workshop of all the popular makes and Canon is no more or less than others. Each brand has its own "quirks" 

Unfortunately your problem I have also seen when only Genuine cartridges have been used. Company techs are always quick to blame anything that is not part of their brand. Also unfortunately, not all non-genuine cartridges are of equal quality and range from ok very high quality to damagingly useless quality.

Your eco-tank machine will make you very unhappy if you put inferior quality refill ink into it. As this is a Canon forum, I would point out that there is a Canon competitor product to your new Epson - the Pixma G2600 series.

Yes, I agree Boca Boy. I finally realized some years ago that HP, Epson, etc. are not in the business of selling printers. They are in the "ink business". Sell printers for cost and make large profits selling ink.

Thanks for the reply, makes perfect sense. The other replies about using other than canon ink cartridges do not apply at all as these are the original cartridges. I will address the paper tray issues you described.

Thank you very much for this info. It worked for me. K

This worked.  I didn't remove the print head, but the hard reset got everything working again!  Thanks! 


My MG7520, all of a sudden, started printing BLANK pages and I scoured the web looking for a solution.

I tried pretty much every suggestion I found and nothing changed.


I then found your post and all of the requirements you listed were met:  all ink tanks were full, the printer was going through all of the correct sounding motions, the printer utility showed all cartridges had sufficient ink and the problem began no more than 24 hours beforehand.


I went throught all of the steps you recommended and did a nozzle check from the printer.



I have had this printer for years and have even removed the printhead just last year when the nozzle cleaning cycle of the printer just wouldn't clear up the spotty printing that was starting to happen. 

 I cleaned the printhead under the tap very thoroughly (per an online post I found) , let it dry overnight when I re-installed it and the printer operated like new.


This is the best printer we have ever had and I was really bummed that I would have to get a replacement one.

The reviews on most of the new Canon printers are really discouraging and I wasnt eager to shop for a new model.

My wife said I should go ahead and junk it.


But I said I would try your method and if it didn't work I would junk the printer.


Now I don't have to.


Thanks again,




all of a sudden, after printing fine the night before, today I could not print.  Tried 3 different devices (phone, tablet, computer) and all came black.  so I knew it had nothing to do with drivers. 


tried the manual (on the printer) menu for cleaning, etc; no dice.  


came across your post, and performed the steps you mentioned; and it's back!  (as you listed, no need for steps 5-7).  since this is only used at home I might not need to do that for a while, but it's good to know how to get the printhead out for future reference. 



thank. you!!!



BTW, this is for a MG6620 model. 

@PDIT wrote:

I have seen this problem with many of the Canon 5 & 6 cartridge inkjet printer models. The symptom is that the printer suddenly stops printing ink onto the page even though the cartridges all contain ink and the print-head is not blocked. By suddenly, I mean one printjob prints perfect and the next is totally blank.  Printing out a nozzle test also results in a completely blank page.


This appears to be a software issue and I have rectified this many times on multiple printers using the following method to "reboot" the software after clearing the internal memory. Note this does NOT apply if printhead is blocked with dried ink!


  1. Open the access to the cartridges with the printer on.
  2. Remove all the cartridges
  3. Pull the power cable and USB cable from the printer to trun it off leaving the printhead in position
  4. Press and hold the power button to clear any remaining charge from the powerpack
  5. Pull or lift the retaining bar from the printhead cradle and remove the printhead
  6. Check for damage or foreign objects like pieces of paper just in case!
  7. Replace printhead and return retaining bar to lock position
  8. Replace cartridges
  9. Close access cover
  10. Reconnect printer to power cord. (at least 1 minute should have elapsed since step 4.)
  11. Turn printer on
  12. Navigate to setup menu and print a nozzle test page. If all ok continue. If still blank then try the above again or call canon support or just give up on this printer.
  13. If test page is showing some or all test bars then the memory problem has been solved.
  14. Reconnect USB cable if used.

Note that steps 5-7 are not always necessary but it does force the printer to go through additional boot-up sequence and seems to be neccessary sometimes.


Good luck!


I nearly died from blank page syndrome but this fixed the problem. MX922. thank you

I tried the 14 steps recommended by PDIT, twice. The printer is still spitting out blank pages. Plus the ink levels are dropping. I don't where the ink is going, but it isn't going on the paper. Is there any point in doing anything else, or is this printer dead?

Same issue and question for my MX922. I've also run several deep cleaning cycles and manually cleaned the printhead. Could there be another physical component in the printer causing the issue?

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