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Pixma G3020 slow printing and off colours. Very annoying


This is my first Canon printer. Please help. Its Pixma G3020 mega tank.

1) Printing is so slow. Specs says 5 ipm/ minute but this is more like 1ipm/4 minutes.

2) I fiddled with the settings and changed the type of paper from Glossy to Plain Paper (which is what I am using, regular A4 paper)and changed quality to standard and chose an option in the settings to print all pictures to the same quality.

3) Now it prints as fast as it should but the colours are horrible!! Black is printed in light grey and blues and oranges are extremely washed out as if there is no ink the printer (more than 50% available all colors)

4) Another issue I am facing is that if I print a screen shot from my iphone it prints faster (but washed out colours) , but if I print a picture I took with my phone its extremely slow. In addition the colors are off!

Any idea what is going on here and how to fix these issues?



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